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« Miss Ambre Solaire "Summer" »

enamelled plate - circa 1948

  • marks : LUCIEN LORELLE (bottom left) - DE SAINTE CROIX (bottom right)
    • note : M. de Sainte Croix was a colourist
  • mark (bottom right) : EMAILLERIE ALSACIENNE STRASBOURG (enamelled plate manufacturer)
  • size : approx. 180 x 60 cm (approx. 71 x 23.6 in)
  • original enamelled plate : approx. 1946/47 (this is the very first « Miss Ambre Solaire »)
  • some defects in enamel, notably at the very top of plate and at points of fixing. See picture.
  • three little defects in enamel (thigh and right ankle, left knee of the model)
  • glare on nose, eye and hair is due to the flashlight, it is not a defect in enamel !

To our knowledge (we'd love to be contradicted), there is the only one other "Summer" enamel plate left, it is therefore a genuine piece for a real collector.

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